Parish Stewardship 101

The Stewardship Way of Life
Stewardship is rooted in scripture, recognizing we, as individuals, are not owners of our lives but rather are stewards or managers. It is through the Stewardship Way of Life our baptismal call to discipleship is fulfilled through the mission and ministry of the parish and gives us confidence and hope of our future.

"A Foundation for Stewardship"
“Who you are following gets to the question of one word in the stewardship definition:
Stewardship is the grateful response of a Christian disciple. A disciple is a follower of Jesus.”
"The core reference point for our choices in life: are we following ourselves or
are we following the Lord? We have to make a choice."
"If we only refer to stewardship as time, talent and treasure we are depersonalizing - separates us from that
close intimacy with the Lord that stewardship is based upon. It’s based on discipleship. If you’re not a disciple you are
not living stewardship – you’re just paying your dues.”

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