Discipleship Training for Youth


The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry will once again take youth to Vision @ Notre Dame

Vision for High School Students

This one week conference helps young people explore God's call in their life with the help of current Notre Dame student mentors.

For five days, you will immerse yourself in the spiritually-rich Notre Dame campus while sharpening your spiritual vision to recognize God's grace at work in your life.  You will sleep in the Notre Dame dorms, eat in the dining hall, and pray at the numerous sacred spaces across campus.

The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry will have a limited number of scholarships available to qualifying youth.  For more information on the scholarship requirements or to find out more information about VISION please contact Amy Elkins at 912-201-4057 or for email aelkins@diosav.org.


Vision for Campus and Youth Ministers

Are you a Youth Minister wanting to bring a group from your parish or deanery?  There is also a program for Youth Ministers!

This one week experience runs concurrently with each high school VISION week.  While your youth are engaged with their Vision leaders and mentors you can explore your call to service in God's Church.  At Notre Dame Vision for Campus and Youth Ministers you will network with other leaders from across the country as you continue your education and formation with the assistance of experts in theology, ministry, and spirituality.  There will be time for prayer and personal reflection while immersed in the beautiful and sacred Notre Dame campus.

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