Financial Policies

Parish Financial Policy Booklet:


Diocese of Savannah Updated Offertory Management System Procedures


Diocese of Savannah Standard Operating Procedures for ParishSOFT Data Entry


Revised Interest Rate Policy:

At the Diocesan Finance Council Meeting held on March 5, 2010, the policy regarding interest rates charged on outstanding loan balances and paid on funds on deposit with the Diocesan Deposit & Loan Fund was adjusted. The adjusted policy is: The interest charged on outstanding loan balances will be approximately 1% below Prime but not less than 1% above the Savings Rate.

Annual Financial Report to Parishioners:

Each parish should publish to the parishioners an annual report of the parish's financial status including all assets and liabilities and all revenue and expenditures. It is also recommended that the weekly offertory and special collections, if any, for the previous week, together with the comparable totals for the previous year, be published in the weekly bulletin.

Salaries for Priests

Beginning July 1, 2006, a priest's salary will be based on years of service since ordination. This applies to Diocesan priests, Religious Order priests and Extern priests who are serving in the Diocese of Savannah on loan and who are not incardinated into the Diocese.

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