Requirements for Safe Environment Compliance

Listed below are the minimum requirements that must be met by any adult (age 18 or over) who works / volunteers in a Diocese of Savannah Church, School or Social Service Agency AND comes into contact with any youth (under age 18) during the course of their ministry.

  • Attendance at the VIRTUS “Protecting God’s Children for Adults (PGCA)” Training
  • Registration of the above training on the website Registration is preferred prior to the class but can be completed after the class.
  • A National Criminal Background check, a check of the Sex Offender’s Registry, and (preferred) a verification of the Social Security Number at least once every five years
  • Read the Diocesan “Code of Conduct” and agree to its terms by signing the back page and turning it into your church or school
  • Completing the “Safe Environment Refresher Training” on the VIRTUS website if it has been five years or more since attending the PGCA class.


  • All sports coaches
  • School teachers & administrators
  • School Nurses
  • School Library / Media Specialists
  • School paraprofessionals / aides
  • Any administrative school employee if students are allowed access to the school office
  • Any other volunteer or employee required by the Superintendent of Schools
  • All school parents who volunteer on campus or for a field trip
  • Ordained clergy (bishop / priest / permanent deacon)
  • Candidates for ordination (seminarians / permanent diaconate program candidates)
  • Vowed religious working in diocesan churches or schools
  • Faith Formation volunteers
  • Youth Ministry Volunteers
  • Any adult volunteer / employee who helps with building or landscape maintenance where youth are helping with that ministry
  • Ushers
  • Eucharistic Ministers
  • Lectors (pastor’s discretion)
  • Any adult volunteer with altar service who volunteers with youth
  • Any music ministry employee or volunteer where youth are part of the ministry
  • Any Parish or School Sponsored Boy / Girl Scout Troop Adult volunteer
  • Any other adult the pastor or school principal identifies for compliance

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