Diocesan Communications Policy

The Diocese is committed to a policy of “transparency and openness” in accordance with Article 7 of The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. The Diocese will deal openly with members of the community while respecting the privacy and reputation of the individuals involved in allegations of sexual abuse of minors. The diocese will not enter into confidentiality agreements with respect to alleged sexual abuse of minors except in cases where confidentiality is requested by a victim or survivor for grave and substantial reasons.

The Director of Communications will be responsible for coordination of contact with the media. All media inquiries regarding allegations of sexual abuse of minors which are made to schools, parishes, or agencies of the Diocese should be referred to the Office of Communications.

Policies and programs for the protection of youth and children from sexual abuse will be widely publicized. Particular care will be given to communicating openly with parish communities and other communities of the diocese directly affected by such misconduct. The Office of Communications will assist in the distribution of communications to defend and restore the reputation of persons cleared of false allegations.

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