Office of Communications

The Communications Office handles communications between the Diocese and both the Catholic and secular communities in South Georgia and throughout the world. The office also provides consultation in media relations, advertising and promotions and crisis management.

The Diocesan Communications Commission was formed in 1980 to advise the Bishop and aid the Communications Office in providing the best possible liaison between the Church and the media. Members represent a cross-section of the media.

Communications between the Diocese and the Catholic community, and the Diocese and the outside world fall within five broad categories of the media:

  • Print media
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Videotapes/DVDs
  • Internet

PRINT: The Southern Cross, the weekly diocesan newspaper, is the chief tool for communications within the diocese.

The Communications Office sends press releases about diocesan and parish events to secular newspapers throughout the diocese. The Office also arranges interviews between diocesan and parish officials and newspaper reporters.

RADIO: Catholic radio public service announcements are carried on stations throughout South Georgia. The Communications Office contacts radio news directors about press releases and interviews with parish and diocesan representatives.

Spanish language spots and programs are contributed to stations in South Georgia.

TELEVISION: Since 1979 the Communications Office has provided a TV Mass for broadcast on stations in the diocese. WTOC – TV and Comcast community access Channel 7 in Savannah and WAGT – TV in Augusta air the Mass. The Communications Office also contacts television news departments to inform them of issues and events concerning Catholics and the Church and arranges interviews with church officials.

Broadcast stations around the diocese occasionally television programs provided by the Catholic Communications Campaign.

VIDEOTAPING: The Communications Office videotapes ordinations and other ceremonies and events in the diocese. Copies are made available to the diocesan Archives and Library and are available for sale.

INTERNET: The Communications Office, in cooperation with the Office of Information Technology, maintains the diocesan Web site:


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