Hunger Report 2010

A Just and Sustainable Recovery : Bread for the World Institute's 2010 Hunger Report

The 2010 Hunger Report focuses on recovery from the worst economic crisis in 75 years and the looming crisis of climate change. It highlights the opportunity we have to do things differently, to address poverty, and put people and the planet at the center of our decisions.

The recovery has the potential to create green jobs that offer people a path out of poverty and build a more sustainable economy. It offers an opportunity to put in place policies that reduce inequality, help low-income families to save and build assets for the future, and revitalize neglected communities throughout the country.

The strength and sustainability of our recovery also depends on what happens beyond our borders. The report makes the case for U.S. leadership in reducing hunger and poverty around the world and in addressing climate change.

2010 Hunger Report[pdf].

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