2019 Diocesan Intercollegiate Spring Retreat

"The soul's center is God. When it has reached God with all the capacity of its being
and the strength of its operation and inclination, it will have attained its final and deepest center in God, it will know, love, and enjoy God with all its might.
~ St. John of the Cross

Intercollegiate Retreat 2019: THY KINGDOM COME

WHAT: Retreat for college-aged Young Adults. 

Are there struggles in your life that you can’t seem to shake? Are there things that you wrestle with and you aren’t even really sure how they found place in your life in the first place? There are certain ways that we open doors in our lives and invite these struggles in and we don’t even know we’re doing it. Both Our Father’s kingdom and Satan’s kingdom are speaking and vying for our attention every day. The Thy Kingdom Come Retreat will help you to learn how to distinguish which kingdom you are listening to and how to give God control of the conversation.

On this retreat, Jansen Bagwell of www.WholeCatholic.com, will teach how to systematically walk through the interior of our hearts, kick the enemy out, close the doors and seal them tight. Participants will discover their own personal areas of dominion, uncover where and how it may have been stolen from them, and understand how to take it back so they can live out their complete, God-given purpose and destiny. By understanding biblical Catholic teaching, doctrine, tradition and sacraments, participants can unfold the unique purpose for which they were created. Through the sacrament of Reconciliation and personal prayer, participants will be able to take practical steps for having conversation with Jesus, go deeper, find direction, hear His voice.

Come listen to inspiring talks and music. Explore the many lakes and trails of Camp Grace and enjoy activities such as archery, canoeing, fishing, and rock wall climbing. Enter into prayer through personal reflection, praise and worship, mass, adoration and confession. Enjoy fun, fellowship, dancing and bonfires with young adults from all over Georgia.
WHERE:  Camp Grace

2559 Walkers Chapel Rd, Roberta, GA 31078

WHEN: April 5th - 7th  (Friday CHECK-IN 4pm - Sunday 2pm)

COST:  Early Registration - $70 (February 25th- March 17th)

             Regular Registration - $80 (March 18th - April 5th)

           Cost includes meals, lodging, canoeing and other supplies for the retreat.
          *No one will be turned away due to finances. Scholarships are available on basis of need*

REGISTRATION DEADLINE April 5th:   Register Now


HOW TO GET THERE: Please try to carpool with students from your campus or area. If you need transportation let us know on your registration form and we will put you in touch with a group.

  • Check-In Friday from 4:00 pm-6:00 pm. 
  • Friday dinner is on your own before you arrive.
  • First Session begins at 7:00 pm. 

You can arrive late or leave early if you need to.

Contact Abbie Byron-Goslin for questions: Email or 912-201-4056.

“In order to reach the summit of this high mount, (the soul) must have changed its garments (resulting in) a new understanding of God in God, the old human understanding being cast aside; and a new love of God in God, the will being now stripped of all its old desires and human pleasures, and the soul being brought into a new state of knowledge and profound delight, all other old images and forms of knowledge having been cast away, and all that belongs to the old man, which is the aptitude of the natural self, quelled, and the soul clothed with a new supernatural aptitude with respect to all its faculties. So that its operation, which before was human, has become Divine, which is that that is attained in the state of union, wherein the soul becomes naught else than an altar whereon God is adored in praise and love, and God alone is upon it …”
~St. John of the Cross

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