What's in the archives?

What's in the Archives anyway?!

Collection Statement
The Diocese of Savannah Archives was established as a private, institutional collection in accordance with Canon 491 to store and provide access to the permanent records of the Diocese of Savannah. It primarily collects inactive original records created by the work of Diocesan administration, parishes, and schools. A select secondary collection is maintained to document Catholic culture in Middle and South Georgia. The Archives principally serve Diocesan personnel, parishes, and schools. Because these are institutional records, only some are open to public for research and may require permission to access. Donations are accepted when they are consistent with the collection policy. 

The Diocesan Newspapers (1920-present)
The Diocese of Savannah has continuously published a newspaper since 1920. The first issues were called the Bulletin of the Catholic Laymen's Association and published through October of 1956. When the Diocese of Atlanta formed, the Bulletin of the Catholic Laymen's Association became the paper for both Dioceses'. This lasted from November of 1956 through December of 1958, with the exception of 3 months in 1958 (January through March), when the  Diocese of Savannah published The Savannah Bulletin. In 1959, The Bulletin, Diocese of Savannah Edition began publication concurrent with The Bulletin, Archdiocese of Atlanta Edition. Finally, in January of 1963, The Southern Cross, the current newspaper we know today, was formed. All Savannah editions of the newspapers are available in the Diocesan Archives for research.  Publications prior to 1960 have been digitized and are also accessible online through UGA's Digital Libraries of Georgia Historic Newspapers Project. Copyright for all publications prior to the Southern Cross (1963) may be requested through the Diocesan Archives. Please contact the Southern Cross for present copyright permissions.

Institution Records
The Diocesan Archives does hold records from a number of mostly closed or merged schools, parishes, and institutions. Our finding aids will be updated as collections are described and organized.

Other Collections
We have a number of small collection of personal papers of mostly Diocesan Priests. In addition, some independent Catholic Institutions have deposited their records in the Diocesan Archives. As these records are organized and adequately described, we will post finding aids online.

Bishop's Records
We also maintain the records of our bishops from 1900-present. All previous records are accessible at the Notre Dame University Archives.  While most of our Bishop's records require written permission from the Chancellor before access can be granted, Most Rev. J. Kevin Boland, DD public addresses, homilies, and talks are now available by appointment. Learn more about our Diocesan Bishops.

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