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"In each parish there is to be a storage area, or archive, in which the parochial registers are protected along with letters of bishops and other documents which are to be preserved for reason of necessity or advantage. The pastor is to take care that all of these things, which are to be inspected by the diocesan bishop or his delegate at the time of visitation or at some other opportune time, do not come into the hands of outsiders."

Canon 535 §

Sacramental Records Preservation Program

Phase I
Phase I of the Sacramental Records Preservation Plan has been completed.  Policies for Diocesan Sacramental Records are current and available below.  Please e-mail Katy Pereira with any questions or concerns.
Phase II

Following up Bishop Hartmayer's letter of 7/26/2016, the Archives & Records Department is in Phase II of the Sacramental Records Plan. We will be contacting you regarding appointments to review the conservation state of your parish's registers.


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