The Diocesan Shield

This diocesan coat of arms (which we call the shield to distinguish it from the bishop’s coat of arms, which includes it) is described as “Argent on a cross gules, a rose or between four mullets azure.”

(Argent=silver; gules=red; or=gold; azure=blue). Its background is silver (argent).

The cross of red (gules), also called the Cross of St. George, symbolizes the state of Georgia which was named for King George II (reigned 1727-1760) of Great Britain, under whom the colony of Georgia was founded.

The four blue (azure) stars signify that Georgia was the fourth state to ratify the Constitution of the United States.

The gold (or) rose represents the Cherokee rose which is Georgia's state flower. Catholics also associate this rose with the Old Testament “Rose of Sharon” as well as Mary, the “Mystical Rose.”

The miter surmounting the shield symbolizes the jurisdiction of the bishop, since a diocese is a geographical area of the Church under the jurisdiction of a bishop.

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